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Student FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any student registration fees?

No. This event is free to students and alumni from Nova Scotian universities and students from NSCC programs with articulation agreements. 


What should I do before I attend a career fair?

Research the organizations and educational institutions before you go.

  • View the List of Exhibitors and make a list of 10 to 15 employers you plan to meet.

  • Research education programs to ensure you understand whether the program you are interested in will meet industry requirements and professional guidelines.

  • Search your on-campus job postings or on the company's website to find out if an exhibitor has advertised and what types of positions they have available.

  • Attend on-campus employer information sessions and gather company literature, brochures, business cards, and contact names. Check your campus career and employment centre for details.

Prepare a list of questions for those organizations that interest you.

Prepare a current resume

  • Although you may be directed to a website for application, there are employers who will take a paper-based application. Check with your campus career or employment centre to find out what programs or resources are available to help you.

Prepare a brief introduction

Take an “Effective Career Networking” workshop

  • Each partner university hosts a pre-workshop giving you a greater in-depth knowledge about the event and how to network effectively.

Dress appropriately to your desired career path.

  • Neat and well groomed.

What should I do after the career fair?

  • Send a thank you note immediately to exhibitors you spoke with (do this as soon as possible ie. within 24 hours).

  • If you were asked to follow up by sending a cover letter and resume to the exhibitors, mention the date, location, and any unique or interesting points that were discussed so the employer will remember you.

  • Create a record of your contact with the organizations to stay organized with follow-up.

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