Admission Policy


The Halifax Universities Career Fair is organized by Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University, and Saint Mary’s University.  


The fair is intended for university students and graduates.  Exhibitors attending the fair will be looking to recruit suitable candidates from various university programs.







Admission to the fair is restricted to students and graduates of the three university sponsors and the following Nova Scotia institutions:

  • Acadia University

  • Cape Breton University

  • University of King’s College

  • NSCAD University

  • Saint Francis Xavier University

  • Université Saint Anne

***Students in Nova Scotia Community College programs that have existing articulation agreements with any of the three sponsor universities may also attend if they have received an invitation from their department.


The following are acceptable forms of identification to gain access to the fair:

  • Current Student ID

  • Expired Student ID

  • Alumni Card

  • Transcripts

  • Copy of Degree

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